Thursday, October 28, 2010

School Days

I don't get many updates from Mona and Cali. They are just too busy. But, the other day a film maker called from Germany. She's considering a film about Mona and Cali. So I dropped Mona a note. She wrote back:

There's so much to tell you and it's too hard to find where to begin. I'm now in school, living about two hours from home. Cali is thriving and loving all the work and activities. I bring her into the house a lot now and have even taught her to potty in the bathroom. She now responds to "get busy" pretty much anywhere and will try even in places she'd rather not go. Love can't even begin to describe what I feel for her. I only hope she loves me as well.

If she writes more I'll update this page. I know Cali loves Mona as much as Mona loves Cali. Life is good.