Monday, September 15, 2008

Cali Day 1 - Session 2

We had a second session this evening. Working on forward with a pull. I'll take forward anywhere. Click.
Once we get consistent forward, we can begin to train choices of where. Cali's used to being led. Taken where we want her to go. This is her "first toe in the water" of making decisions. I let her decide where to go. For a little horse, that's confusing. So, it's natural that she would choose to go the places she is used to.

She chose the trailer, the car. When asked to go forward from there she deftly turned to guide along the side.

On the way to the arena, she followed the normal route that horses take day in and day out here. There was no confusion. Clearly the answer was not to continue down our driveway. The better choice was to go where people and horses had gone before. How did she know? She's never been here before. She knew though.

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