Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cali - A ride in the car

What an interesting day. Cali was really excited to go today. She started
out trotting along. I would have had to run to keep up. Coming back we are
all up hill and she gets a little tired. We are beginning to find more
options for just the right amount of pull. She seems to understand over left
and over right. She defiantly follows the hand signal for forward, go left
and go right.

Today we decided to start to point out interesting obstacles. She found a
mailbox and targeted it. She found that same guard rail the found yesterday.
I clicked it. Be careful what you wish for because she targeted that
guardrail every few feet. It was cute. Alex always says not to make them
feel wrong so I didn't correct her. I just didn't click the tries.

Crossing the street she goes very slowly and carefully. I think we'll need
to work on that. She seems to be a little confused as to whether she should
cross the lines in the street. Interesting what she notices. She stops
straight when she reaches the end of the pavement. We can then choose a

There was a lot of traffic on the road today. So, it was a longish wait to
cross the street. I decided to cross when I could hear no car noise from
either direction. I closed my eyes at times traveling down the road. I
didn't feel uncomfortable at all. We went straight and true.

Crossing back across the street went well.

Back home again Cali hopped into the car again and we went for a very short

Housebreaking continues to go well except that Cali anticipates when we are
going to work and "goes" before I get there. She hasn't had any accidents.

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